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The 4G’s to Life

On Monday, October 17, 2016, Adam Deem came to Oklahoma Baptist University to deliver a message to business students at the ‘Fall Business Forum.’ Adam Deem is the Founder and CFP of his company, Teak Tree Capital Management, LLC. Deem began his message with a humorous story about his experience traveling to Shawnee where he had car trouble and almost did not make it on time. Deem says that “if you learn anything from me today, learn to leave an hour early.” Deem went on to explain his come-up in the business world.

Deem created his first business as a college student at OBU due to an assignment in his marketing class. The assignment was to come up with a business or service and to market it. He thought of a coffee house and decided to actually create it in real life. He said, “I wanted to create a place where people could meet and relax. A place where everyone knew your name.” With this experience, Deem decided to open a financial advising business post-graduation.

When Deem opened Teak Tree, He wanted to have some of same type of principles. Deem says, “We were in the relationship business.” The other principle that he runs his business off of is the ‘4G Network to Life.’ This 4G network has nothing to do with cellular connectivity. Deem’s 4 G’s are gratitude, generosity, growth, and God. Deem defined gratitude as “being grateful and showing kindness through your own actions.” Deem goes on to talk about the generosity in his company. He says that they use a Jewish principle of Tikkun Olam, which directly translates to ‘repair the world.’ Thirdly, Deem talks about growth. He says to achieve spiritual growth, the pathway is very strenuous. Lastly, Deem talks about his spiritual life and talks about how none of his business ideas or actions would have ever been possible without God.